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Sovit Basnet, the young director, has come up with his second movie, Army. First, Army is the first film that depicts the bravery of the Royal Nepal Army, fighters more popularly known as the Gorkhali ( or Gurkhas or Gorkhas aboard); and it is a film in which Royal Nepalese army personnel themselves have had a role. Director Basnet has left no stone unturned to make the film sound.

Secondly, the film appears to be very relevant in today's political context. In other words, army depicts how capable the Royal Nepal Army is in fighting domestic terrorism and maintaining national integrity. And it could be a mere coincidence that the film has been released in the capital at a time when talks are being held between the government and the Maoists who have been waging an insurgency for the past six years to set up a republican state.

Army is an action film. And the story of the film revolves around the everyday life of the army men. The film begins with a commando training and ends with the success of the same commandos in foiling the plans of the terrorists to attack the capital with a deadly missile in a life-and-death struggle. In the course of the tough commando training, army officials remember their lives in college. Director Basnet shows their college days in a series of flashbacks that make the film even more interesting.

These flashbacks depict how Dambar(Rajendra Khadgi) and Prithivi (Samrat Sapkota), two friends in college, turn into great enemies over Nisha(Jal Shah). This enimity between the two friends continues forever, with Dambar joining the underworld and Prithivi the Royal Nepal Army.

Indeed, the entire plot of Army develops in parallels: the army men working for the welfare of the country, and the underworld plotting intrigues against the nation. And director Basnet does justice by eliminating the foes of the nation in the end.

Besides presenting the honesty and bravery of the army men, the film also tries to show how some of the corrupt politicians as well as the police officers join hands with the underworld. Action and fighting scenes are the major assets of Army. Excessive use of firepower gun battle will thrill the audience. The use of missiles is relatively new to Nepalese films.

The title song and dialogues full of patriotic feelings are just as matching. The well-choreographed dances in which artistes ranging from Saranga Shrestha to Melina Manandhar to veteran actors like Bhimbar Singh Thapa participate are interesting.

For Lokendra Karki and Samrat Sapkota, the principal actors, Army could propel them to new heights as the two had failed to improve their image in films after the complete failure of 'Lokendra' Hatiyar and Samrat's Rajkumar.

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